We are led to believe that traditional high street banks offer the best rates for customers who need to borrow. This may be true for borrowing larger amounts of money, but if you need access to smaller amounts of cash quickly, then banks don’t always offer the best terms. So is it better to borrow… (0 comment)

It is more than apparent that having a good credit record is becoming more and more important. Low rate lenders such as banks, supermarkets and mainstream lenders have tightened their lending criteria’s meaning only those with immaculate credit histories will be able to get their hands on the best deals on loans and credit cards.… (0 comment)

The annuities market is one that can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you are looking at the number of different options which are available. Finding the right type of annuity can be a challenge and in many cases enlisting the help of a professional financial advisor is a great way to start this process. If… (0 comment)

We all do our best to save money on essentials, and one that is often overlooked for years on end is the cost of home insurance. It’s one of those things that you rarely think about, unless you’re unfortunate enough to need to put in a claim following some kind of damage or theft from… (0 comment)

Being in debt is not the end of the world. Although large amounts of debt can make you feel as if you are no longer in control of your finances, there are options available to you that will help you to take back the reins, consolidate your debt and allow you to be free of… (0 comment)

The problem many people have with debt is that they are unwilling to acknowledge or accept that they have let their debts get beyond their control. However, as soon as you start to work at clearing the debt, you will see that the stress and anxiety caused by having debts hanging over you begins to… (0 comment)

When you are out there looking to buy a cheap car, you also have to make sure that your finance is a low-cost one. You certainly won’t like to end up bearing heavier costs owing to higher interest rates. There are different kinds of car loans available under different categories and varying conditions. Three of… (0 comment)

It’s December, Christmas adverts are now in full force and cities are lit with colourful lights. The Christmas spirit is filling us all with joy and hope and all that’s on everyone’s mind is food and presents. It is important to note before I continue that unlike some, I am not against this, in fact… (0 comment)

ATM skimming is a growing concern within the evolving threat of identity theft. Victims of ATM skimming usually notice the problem after they face identity theft and find their bank account drained of funds. This act of theft can be prevented if talked about and if consumers are educated on what to look out for.… (0 comment)

Payday loans are an incredibly useful and convenient means of getting your hands on a lump sum of cash as and when you need it. There’s an abundance of lenders on the market today offering between £50 and £1,000 over 30 days or until your next pay day arrives and it just goes to show…