Recent figures from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) have revealed that the number of claims submitted in 2012 for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) was almost double the number from 2011. Just over 11,000 claims were submitted in 2011, whilst the number jumped to more than 19,000 in 2012. A lot of this is… (0 comment)

It is more than apparent that having a good credit record is becoming more and more important. Low rate lenders such as banks, supermarkets and mainstream lenders have tightened their lending criteria’s meaning only those with immaculate credit histories will be able to get their hands on the best deals on loans and credit cards.… (0 comment)

The price of a UK first class postage stamp will rocket from 46p to 60p from the 30th of April after price controls are relaxed by Ofcom. Ofcom has now given the UK postage company Royal Mail freedom to control the price of first class postage and business mail services after claims that the UK’s… (0 comment)

The UK national minimum wage will rise by eleven pence to £6.19. The wage rise won’t help people much though as it’s lower than the rise in the cost of living. The 1.8% rise in minimum income falls short of the 3.6% average rise in the cost of living according to the Consumer Price Index.… (0 comment)

The payday loan provider Yes Loans has had its licence revoked. The trading watchdog (the Office of Fair Trading) said that this was because of “deceitful and oppressive business practices”. Yes Loans arranged short term loans for UK customers and have been found to mislead them into thinking it was a loan provider rather than… (0 comment)