It seems that there are a lot of people these days that need to resort to a payday loan and many are against them. There are those that say that they should be banned because they take advantage of the most vulnerable but others that feel they should stay. But are there really arguments that… (0 comment)

Borrowing money is a serious thing, whether you’re thinking about getting it from friends, family, or a lender. These are all options, but it goes without saying that not all options are created equal. If you’re borrowing money due to a very sensitive issue within your family, do you really want relatives to know about… (0 comment)

At times, when you are unable to find a way out financially, loans can play a huge part in saving you from imminent bankruptcy. However, when it comes to borrowing, most people do not really set any precedents for themselves before they take the money. Remember, whenever you take a loan, you have to return… (0 comment)

The depression in financial market for last several years has made the monetary condition very tight for common people. Saving money is now of real challenge due to constant inflation and ever increasing price of everyday commodities. It is really difficult to arrange instant money during crisis. The urgent financial need can be for medical… (0 comment)

We are led to believe that traditional high street banks offer the best rates for customers who need to borrow. This may be true for borrowing larger amounts of money, but if you need access to smaller amounts of cash quickly, then banks don’t always offer the best terms. So is it better to borrow… (0 comment)

The problem many people have with debt is that they are unwilling to acknowledge or accept that they have let their debts get beyond their control. However, as soon as you start to work at clearing the debt, you will see that the stress and anxiety caused by having debts hanging over you begins to… (0 comment)

When you are out there looking to buy a cheap car, you also have to make sure that your finance is a low-cost one. You certainly won’t like to end up bearing heavier costs owing to higher interest rates. There are different kinds of car loans available under different categories and varying conditions. Three of… (0 comment)

It’s December, Christmas adverts are now in full force and cities are lit with colourful lights. The Christmas spirit is filling us all with joy and hope and all that’s on everyone’s mind is food and presents. It is important to note before I continue that unlike some, I am not against this, in fact… (0 comment)

Many small business owners are floundering in these times. Not only is the economy on shaky ground, but it is still difficult to borrow money from some institutions. This is because banks have tightened their regulations and are worried about the ability of their borrowers to pay them back. Not only that, but government loans… (0 comment)