For homes in the UK a new grant began at the beginning of 2013 to replace the Carbon Emissions Reduction target (CERT) and the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP). This programme is called the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and is available to everyone. It is a £1.4 billion pot of money that will be used…

At times, when you are unable to find a way out financially, loans can play a huge part in saving you from imminent bankruptcy. However, when it comes to borrowing, most people do not really set any precedents for themselves before they take the money. Remember, whenever you take a loan, you have to return… (0 comment)

It is more than apparent that having a good credit record is becoming more and more important. Low rate lenders such as banks, supermarkets and mainstream lenders have tightened their lending criteria’s meaning only those with immaculate credit histories will be able to get their hands on the best deals on loans and credit cards.… (0 comment)

The problem many people have with debt is that they are unwilling to acknowledge or accept that they have let their debts get beyond their control. However, as soon as you start to work at clearing the debt, you will see that the stress and anxiety caused by having debts hanging over you begins to… (0 comment)

When you are out there looking to buy a cheap car, you also have to make sure that your finance is a low-cost one. You certainly won’t like to end up bearing heavier costs owing to higher interest rates. There are different kinds of car loans available under different categories and varying conditions. Three of… (0 comment)

It’s December, Christmas adverts are now in full force and cities are lit with colourful lights. The Christmas spirit is filling us all with joy and hope and all that’s on everyone’s mind is food and presents. It is important to note before I continue that unlike some, I am not against this, in fact… (0 comment)

ATM skimming is a growing concern within the evolving threat of identity theft. Victims of ATM skimming usually notice the problem after they face identity theft and find their bank account drained of funds. This act of theft can be prevented if talked about and if consumers are educated on what to look out for.… (0 comment)

There are thousands of PPI claims management firms fighting for the consumer’s right to obtain money from mis-sold payment protection insurance, which may have been tied into mortgages, car finance, credit cards, and loans. If the consumer was unable to repay the loan agreement as a result of injury, unemployment, or illness, the insurer would fulfil its… (0 comment)

Donating to charity is a great way to help a good cause. However, there are also personal reasons why donating to charities can be a good idea, with one of the most important being the tax reductions that can be achieved. If you want to claim tax relief by making donations to charity, here is… (0 comment)