Many small business owners are floundering in these times. Not only is the economy on shaky ground, but it is still difficult to borrow money from some institutions. This is because banks have tightened their regulations and are worried about the ability of their borrowers to pay them back. Not only that, but government loans… (0 comment)

Hey people, are you crunched under the pressure of having heavy debts? Are you in the habit of making late payments? Please, don’t do it. Stay away from this habit and do not allow your account to go into collections. Along with that, avoid tax liens, bankruptcies and foreclosures ending up your financial plans. Above… (0 comment)

Credit card fraud is a serious problem that can be very distressing for the victims. Although anyone can be affected by credit card fraud, there are a number of things that you can do to minimise the risk of becoming a victim yourself. Here are some simple but effective ways to stay safe when using… (0 comment)

Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, or just have a few pigeons in the shed, we British love our pets. With dogs now being more popular than cats, and more than 17 million pet cats or dogs being registered in the UK, there is a lot of money to be made when things… (0 comment)

Those with a good credit record do not need to worry when taking out a loan as they will have access to reputable lenders. The situation is more risky, however, if you have a poor credit history. This article looks at the key things to think about when looking for credit. What to look for… (0 comment)

With the rapid growth in the economy the prices of all the commodities have increased drastically. Even the basic necessities have turned out to be so costly that common people struggle in order to afford it. Especially people who between on paycheques; it’s difficult to manage the monthly expenses within a tight budget and if… (0 comment)

Short term loans can be an extremely useful tool when used properly. They can also be an extremely dangerous tool when used with reckless abandon; many people find themselves up to their necks in loans, living from pay-cheque to pay-cheque barely able to service their loans (never mind pay them off early). Cash loans in… (0 comment)